Ezra Levant: When Trudeau is tested on feminism, it doesn’t work out well

Justin Trudeau enjoys loudly professing his support of feminism. But is it all a charade?

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, CEO of Think Sharp Inc. Manny Montenegrino joined the show to discuss Justin Trudeau's divorce and his questionable behaviour towards women.

As stated by Mr. Montenegrino, "We'll know what the true story is. Again, I'm perplexed that a self-declared feminist in a perfect marriage, loving marriage, gets separated. There's something that we don't know, and the truth will come out."

Ezra Levant said, "'It was well-known that Pierre Trudeau physically battered Margaret Trudeau, and I'm not saying any of these things with delight...they had a terrible relationship, and maybe Trudeau learned that's how you deal with women. You cheat on them, you physically attack them, you gaslight them."

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