EZRA REACTS: Toronto mayor confronted by angry citizen over lockdown policies

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Toronto Mayor John Tory was recently enjoying a meal on a patio at a Toronto restaurant when a frustrated citizen journalist confronted him over his harsh lockdown policies. It's no secret that Canada's largest  city has experienced one of the longest lockdowns in the world.

The mayor, meanwhile, tends to only field questions from journalists who largely agree with him on his policies.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his reaction to this person's choice to confront the mayor when he had the opportunity.

When you are sitting in a public street, publicly visible to the public walking by, and when you yourself have issued public edicts that not only limit peoples public lives, but their private lives too. I think the line moves a little bit and I would say there's two differences between this and the Tyler Shandro video.

The first is that there was no kids involved. There was no kids shown on screen there at all. I don't even know if that's a bar where kids are allowed, because I saw some alcohol. So, that kids thing doesn't apply. And this isn't a private home, it's not a private thing. Now, his wife was with him, but I don't think that's a mitigating factor. She was not brought into the conversation at all.

I think that what you saw here is actually the first time there's been a real debate, a real opposition, to lockdownism in 18 months. Every single governing body in Canada — every city hall, every provincial legislature, the federal Parliament, — it's all been unanimous, even though it's not unanimous with the people. There is no governing party or opposition party that's opposed to the lockdowns.

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