Far-left protesters COUNTERED the ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ protest in Montreal

'I feel that this whole protest is out of context,' said a concerned parent. 'It's nothing against the LGBTQ community. It's really what's going on in the schools, the indoctrination of the children, the curriculum, and what they're teaching to our kids.'

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On Wednesday, September 20, protests for the ‘1 Million March 4 Children’  took place in major cities across the nation, demanding that the government cease the indoctrination of children in schools.

Thousands of people gathered in front of Premier Francois Legault's cabinet office in Montreal where the protest was called for at 9 a.m.

Protesters advocated for the removal of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum, which also involves teaching kids about pronouns, gender ideology, and using mixed bathrooms in schools.

These protesters expressed their disagreement with the school system and the perception that parents' voices were going unheard.

One of the protesters mentioned that the reason for her presence was because “It's important to respect people's individuality, their freedom of expression, their right to make decisions for their children. Nothing can be imposed on anyone, and that's why everyone is here today.”

Unions such as CUPE and PSAC, along with other school unions and organizations, issued a call to counter-protest what they defined as "hate."

In a leaked Zoom call from September 16, some of those members discussed plans to harass, intimidate, and disrupt protesters, with some union leaders suggesting ANTIFA-like tactics would be used.

Regarding the unions' response, one of the ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ protesters said:

I think it's government-funded, controlled opposition designed to demoralize the right. And I really think that's what's going on here.

I don't believe this is organic. I believe this is a combination of indoctrination and government funding to make us look small and helpless. We are not.

During the demonstration, tensions ran high between the two groups of protesters. A significant police presence was deployed to ensure the situation remained peaceful.

This protest was one of the most prominent demonstrations to have taken place in Montreal in recent years.

The education system is currently in a precarious situation, with a substantial portion of the population in disagreement with the curriculum taught in schools. This disagreement shows no signs of abating; instead, the situation may potentially worsen.

When asked how parents can regain control of their child's education within the education system, one of the protesters explained:

Protest and, in the worst-case scenario, create parallel systems, homeschool your children, form your own communities that aren't influenced by this extreme leftist propaganda constantly being pushed on us.

Parents need to unite, create a community using their collective skills, and establish their own system to avoid subjecting their children to this madness.

During the day, individuals associated with Antifa targeted Rebel Reporter Alexa Lavoie and Videographer Guillaume Roy.

Initially, Mr. Roy had primer paint sprayed all over his camera and lens, while Alexa was assaulted, and her property was almost stolen by these extremist individuals on the left.

The demonstration lasted until 2 p.m. in the afternoon. The planned march, scheduled for 11 a.m. was postponed because counter-protesters surrounded the protesters, preventing them from commencing the march.

If you want to get involved, please visit StopClassroomGrooming.com and sign the petition to stop grooming children in the school system.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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