Father of transgender child risks prison by speaking out on cross-sex hormone court case

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Remember the Vancouver father whose ability to protect his trans identified child from making life altering decisions was stripped away by a British Columbia Supreme Court?

My colleague Keean Bexte closely followed the story, including how the father was also banned from using biologically sound pronouns, such as “she” or “her” in reference to his child.

Now, that same father is breaking his silence regarding the entangled case referred to as AB v CD.

I met with the father (whom we are legally obligated to refer to as “C.D.”), his lawyer Carey Linde, and some activists who support C.D., right after his most recent court appearance on September 2.

There, I heard the shocking details as to why C.D. could soon be sentenced to prison for his parenting choices.

It’s no doubt that when a child experiences gender dysphoria, it’s a delicate time for the child and the child’s family.

Despite such complexities, it is not unheard of for institutions like school to keep parents in the dark about their child’s rapidly changing identity.

This is what C.D. says happened to him, and here is a similar story, from the US.

How do you feel about any parent in Canada being penalized, and to such an extent, for parenting in a way they feel is in the best interest of their trans identified teen?

According to a recent press release, C.D. “feels mainstream media has shown no serious interest in the issues involved” and I agree.

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