Female-only app CEO refuses to back down in transgender 'discrimination' case

Sall Grover stands firm in the face of allegations, with transgender activist seeking $200,000 in landmark court battle.

Female-only app CEO refuses to back down in transgender 'discrimination' case
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Transgender activist Roxanne Tickle is seeking $200,000 against Giggle CEO Sall Grover, alleging unlawful discrimination following the revocation of her female-only networking app membership.

Tickle claims he was misgendered, despite Tickle being a biological male, and excluded from using the women-only app, designed as a "safe space" for women to interact with each other, free from men.


During trial proceedings in Sydney’s federal court, Grover defended her stance, asserting:

“I don’t think that it’s kind to expect a woman to see a man as a woman.” This statement thrusts the trial into a broader examination of gender identity definitions and societal expectations.

In her argument, Tickle’s counsel Georgina Costello KC aimed to present Tickle as a woman, citing a female birth certificate, hormone therapy, breasts, gender affirmation surgery and added that he wore makeup and women’s clothes, had a woman’s hairstyle and used women’s facilities.

“I suggest to you that that is a woman in our society,” she put to Grover.

“I don’t agree,” replied Grover.

Many in the public have agreed with Grover's position, taking to social media to highlight how Tickle's physical appearance, utilised as a point by his legal team to suggest a feminine nature, would be obvious to most in society as a biological male.

Defence arguments maintain the app’s role as a "special measure" for gender equality, framing Tickle's alleged discrimination as a matter of sex rather than gender identity.

Represented by former Liberal party candidate Katherine Deves, Giggle's defence underscores societal divisions over gender identity and discrimination issues.

Grover's intent to escalate the case signals its significance in shaping legal precedents on gender identity matters in Australia.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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