Female powerlifter faces suspension for calling 'male' athlete 'biological male' on TV and social media

Hutchison pointed out that the chair of the Ethics committee has a photo on her social media stating, 'I support trans lifters in powerlifting,' and this is the same person who issued her the disciplinary letter. It's clear that the board is 'very biased,' she added.

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Guest host David Menzies was joined by Canadian female powerlifter April HutchinsonThey discussed the latest news regarding the 40-year-old biological male who is competing in the women's powerlifting category.

Hutchison has raised the issue of biological males competing in women's sports on multiple occasions, but her federation had been disregarding her concerns. However, they have now taken action by sending her a disciplinary letter.

"Ever since March, I've had three letters of discipline for speaking out. And the most recent one was about two weeks ago saying that they're going to be taking it to a committee board and deciding if they're going to suspend me for basically calling the male a biological male on TV and introducing social media," April said.

"April This is astonishing," said David. "I mean, why is this being tolerated by your federation? I mean, with certain exceptions, male and female athletes are in separate categories. It is for biological reasons. Males and females are equal, but we're different. Males tend to be stronger, especially in a sport like what you're in, in terms of upper body strength."

April added:

I was talking to the producer earlier and I shared some photos. First of all, the chair of Ethics has a picture posted on her social media saying, 'I support trans lifters in powerlifting.' This is a person that sent me the letter of discipline. So we're talking about a very, very biased board.

I can name at least five just off the top of my head who are very pro-trans and very public about it. Another board member has the same picture.

They posted it on, you know, trans gender recognition data. They support trans lifters in powerlifting. So how am I supposed to win when I'm not even getting a fair trial?

April also created her own clothing line where a few items say, "KEEP FEMALE SPORTS FEMALE." Every sale she makes directly contributes to her personal funds and legal support.

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