SUCCESS: Rebel News helps New Brunswick man defeat COVID-19 ticket

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Walter Matheson could be any one of us. Doing a normal thing, apart from other people as they say we must in the time of the Wuhan Flu, and yet still Walter still ended up on the wrong side of these evolving pandemic regulations that don’t seem to make any sense or impact on COVID-19 transmissions, but are being enforced with a heavy-hand any way.

Walter is the severely normal Hampton, New Brunswick man who found himself receiving a ticket for running afoul of the Quarantine Act for eating a muffin and drinking a coffee in his car, entirely alone in a Tim Horton’s parking lot. Because it’s not safe to eat and drive.

In the abbreviated version of the story, Walter was parked in his car eating when a cop approached him. Walter wisely started audio recording everything on his phone. The cop told him to move along or apparently, Walter, this older gentleman eating his baked goods alone, might attract teenagers to loiter in the Tims parking lot.

Walter questioned the ridiculousness of it all to the officer, and then attempted to comply with the officer’s orders anyway and leave. The officer then stopped Walter from leaving and gave him a $300 ticket for failing to comply with the Quarantine Act. But not before swearing and getting abusive with Walter first.

Watch my video and you can hear some of the recording of their interaction for yourself

We jumped in to help Walter and with your help, we hired Walter one of the best lawyers in the country, Sam Goldstein, a bencher with the law society of Ontario, to challenge the ticket.

But then the story got even crazier. The cop who got vulgar with Walter and tried to bully him then tried to bully me. The cop hired a lawyer named Carley Parish to send a letter to my boss at Rebel News telling us to take down our video, accusing me, I think, of defaming the RCMP officer — who I didn’t name in my video — by publishing the audio Walter recorded (that she strangely accused me of recording).

But it gets even weirder. That inept lawyer Carley Parish just ran for the Liberals in New Brunswick in their provincial election and lost in an epic way a couple days ago, barely wrangling up 1,000 votes.

I guess unconstitutional bullying isn't a great campaign strategy in small town maritime Canada. But there is even better news.

Ticket thrown out

The prosecutor in Hampton has thrown out Walter’s ticket. They say on a technicality, even though that technicality is something that could have easily been amended. I say they turfed the ticket because they all know that cop made a huge mistake and embarrassed himself and everyone else forced to deal with the ticket after the fact. They are dropping that ticket because Walter fought back, and because we told the world.

I caught up with Walter earlier this week to talk about the good news. After I talked to Walter, I caught up with Sam Goldstein, the top criminal lawyer we hired for Walter (and of course, with the help of those of you who donated at

Help Rebel News keep fighting

So it was a crushing defeat in the electoral process for the lawyer Carley Parish, a crushing defeat to her reputation as a lawyer with that insane letter she sent me, and the bully cop was taught a tough lesson that if you are going to bully and ticket people for gently pushing back before they try to comply, well, Rebel News and our viewers and supporters are here to help.

The attention brought to the story by hundreds of thousands of people sharing the videos we did on Walters’ case, and all of the people donating to help hire a lawyer for Walter and the other Fight The Fines defendants just like him, is really what helped Walter win this thing.

To help us keep fighting back against the coronavirus cops and the out of control fines being issued to people for just trying to live their lives, please visit:

There on that special website, you can see all the other people we hired a lawyer for, with the help of viewers at home.

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