'Controlled' blaze ignited by BC authorities leaves Shuswap residents 'pissed'

Earlier last week, a couple's plea for help and accountability from authorities over the intentional blaze went viral on social media.

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In today’s report, I sit down to interview Stef and Jorne Weibe, a couple from Celista, BC, who share shocking details about the origin of a fire they and others in their community recently fought in order to protect their properties.

Contrary to the 'climate change is the culprit' theory popular with mainstream media and net-zero pushing politicians, the Weibes describe how an intentionally-lit backburn fire threatened them and destroyed many properties in the Shuswap area.

“We would have all lost everything. So we fought tooth and nail... we collectively probably saved 15 structures over the next 48 hours,” said Jorne, while detailing the drastic turn of events that occurred for the couple and others in their community who stayed behind to protect their properties.

Earlier last week, the couple's plea for help and accountability from authorities over the intentional blaze went viral on social media. The couple was both thankful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of responses they received from concerned citizens. However, they are still livid over BC Wildfire Service's claim that the backburn — about which they didn’t receive adequate notice — was a success.

“We did our planned ignition under the conditions we had planned for and it was largely successful,” said BC Wildfire Service Director of Wildfire Operations Cliff Chapman in an update on August 21.

Despite Chapman admitting authorities were aware there would be high winds coming when they lit the fire, and the Weibes describing members of the community saving homes in their area rather than officials, Chapman says the “planned ignition saved hundreds of homes and properties along the North Shuswap.”

Watch the full report to hear the Weibes tell their side of the story about the intentional fire that swept back and devastated areas like Scotch Creek and Celista.

As of August 29, there were 409 active wildfires in BC, 191 of which are classified as out of control according to BC Wildfire Service.

If you’ve been impacted by the wildfires in BC, you are encouraged to register with the Canadian Red Cross, which is currently providing resources for those with fire-related needs. If you would like to help support the Red Cross’s efforts, you can donate here.

Rebel News continues to help give a voice to people telling the other side to the story, and that includes how they are coping with fires intentionally lit by fire authorities. If you appreciate the journalism we bring you and would like to help us cover the costs of doing so, please donate what you can here.

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