Ford's reckless lockdowns prove unnecessary as Ontario ICUs exceed 2020/21 levels

Ontario intensive care units have higher patient numbers this winter than in 2020, fuelling frustrations over Premier Doug Ford's unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic measures that lead to the loss of lives and livelihoods.

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Ontario Intensive Care Units (ICU) are just as overwhelmed as they always have been, except that in the post-pandemic era, rational thought and logical decision-making have prevailed.

The province had just as many patients (and more) in the ICU this winter as it did during the winters of 2020–2023. Yet, nobody begged for a lockdown or for schools to close, as pointed out by the anonymous government data dissecting and analyzing social media account Golden Pup.

His chart shows a spike in ICU admissions as the novel mRNA injections rolled out to the general public after they were licensed under an interim order for emergency use authorization in December 2020.

It was stated that the medical profession was “traumatized” by what happened in January, February and March 2021 — the first three months after the rollout of the miraculous injections.

COVID was a different virus, they said. Except, it only took the U.S. Center for Disease Control four years to treat it just like any other respiratory virus under a new, unified approach (that always existed).

The entire narrative around Premier Doug Ford’s ruthless shuttering of businesses was that we had to protect and preserve hospital capacity.

Under that false mandate, Ford’s reckless policy decimated livelihoods of those like restauranteur Adam Skelly, who had Toronto's riot cops and mounted unit brought in by public health officials to forcefully shut down his business.

Patronizing his barbecue restaurant, you see, would lead to the imminent death of you or a loved one (or so the hysterical rationale at the time went).

It all started with two weeks to flatten the curve — of COVID-19 cases. Devastating surgical delays and cancellations ensued, which led to emptied emergency room departments all across the province.

Instead of speaking up or advocating against unprecedented and knee-jerk policy, staff took to poorly coordinated social media dances to fill their time.

In a world gripped by fear, and governments wielding the lockdown hammer with disregard for the fallout and repercussions of such knee-jerk decisions, real evidence-based research shows that the same measures purported to safeguard public health have inflicted far greater harm.

The toll on mental health, economic stability and societal fabric is evidence, while ICU numbers remain on par or higher in 2024 than they were throughout 2020 and onward.

This serves as a mockery and undermines the efficacy of blanket measures under the misguided belief that lockdowns and mandates would safeguard health-care capacity.

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