Former Czech PM warns against 'monstrous' EU migration pact

Opposition leader accuses ruling government of betrayal, says pact will bring wave of migrants from Africa and Middle East

Former Czech PM warns against 'monstrous' EU migration pact
Szilard Koszticsak/MTI via AP
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In a scathing speech before the Czech Parliament, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš launched a blistering attack on the European Union's migration pact, which was approved with the backing of the current center-left government led by Petr Fiala. Babiš, who heads the opposition ANO party, denounced the pact as a "poison" that would lead to uncontrolled immigration and a disintegration of Czech society.

"The migration pact was negotiated and pushed through by the Fiala government during the Czech EU Presidency and passed through the European Parliament last week," Babiš stated. "This absolutely insane, monstrous agreement contains hidden refugee quotas and obliges the Czech Republic to accept migrants from Africa and the Middle East exactly as Brussels envisages," Remix news reports.

Babiš warned that the pact would change the country beyond recognition in a few years, ushering in an "explosion of crime" and the destruction of Czech culture and way of life, mirroring the situation in many Western European nations. He accused the government of trading away national security for uncontrolled migration.

"Mass illegal migration of people with a completely different culture, customs and mentality is a cancer that is destroying European society," Babiš declared. "If we do not start doing something about this insidious disease, in a few years the Czech Republic may find itself in the same situation as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Italy, or Sweden."

The former prime minister claimed that while Western Europe had been lost to mass immigration, Central and Eastern Europe still had a chance to avoid the same fate. He urged voters to reject "progressive open border 'welcomers'" and elect representatives who would fiercely defend national interests against illegal migration.

Interior Minister Vít Rakusan defended the pact, stating it did not include mandatory relocations or quotas, and would allow better management of migration and protection of external borders. However, Babiš accused the government of lying, asserting the pact clearly indicated member states would be allocated migrants and fined for refusing them.

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