Former employee with severe anaphylaxis is suing oilsands giant for wrongful dismissal over vaxx

When her employers found out that Naomi Smart had contacted lawyer James Kitchen for his expertise, they fired her and wanted her to take a pittance of a severance.

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Do you remember Naomi Smart? She is the former employee of oilsands giant, CNRL — Canadian Natural Resources Limited — who was placed in the impossible position of taking a medicine that may cause her death, or being able to provide for herself and her son.

And she was fired when she got some advice about her dilemma.

Now we are helping her fight that unceremonious termination with your help.

CNRL adopted a proof of vaccination mandate — a vaccine passport — for Naomi to be able to go to work after not only working diligently and safely for the last 20 months of the coronavirus pandemic, but also for the last two decades in the oil and gas industry.

All of sudden, CNRL wanted to know about her vaccination status, and ONLY this vaccination. The company had never mandated or asked about any other vaccines at any point in her employment.

Naomi has real concerns about the coronavirus vaccines, not because she is some “anti-vaxxer” but because she suffers from severe anaphylaxis. She has had life-threatening reactions in the past and she wasn't willing to find out the hard way if she was allergic to the jab, leaving the son she raises alone and motherless.

She reached out to her doctor who at first agreed to write her an exemption letter, but then he changed his mind. Strange, indeed.

Frightened for her life and career, Naomi did what she thought was right, and what is her right guaranteed to her as a Canadian citizen. She reached out to a lawyer for some sound advice about how best to navigate her stand-off with her bosses.

She wanted to know what her options and obligations were. Naomi also discovered she was not alone, that many of her co-workers were like her, with questions about the new terms of their employment and in need of legal advice.

She reached out to lawyer, James Kitchen who agreed to help.

And when her employers found out she had contacted James for his expertise, they called her and fired her and wanted her to take a pittance of a severance.

Naomi did nothing wrong. She just wasn't willing to risk her life and her son's future to go to a job.

At first, Rebel News, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, agreed to pay the legal fees for James Kitchen to help Naomi and her CNRL colleagues through your donations to

But Naomi needs more help, and CNRL needs to be taught a lesson in employment law. You can't fire people who won't take a medicine.

Naomi is suing CNRL for wrongful dismissal. But she is one woman up against a multibillion dollar oil giant and they will have the best lawyers in the country.

The good news that Naomi has all of us who care about medical privacy and personal freedom.

To fund Naomi's lawsuit against CNRL, please donate at Hopefully these companies with think twice before they fire an innocent person like this again.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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