WATCH: Former federal MP vows to bin 'woke rubbish' from local council

George Christensen's bid to 'de-wokeify' Mackay Council and pledge return to core community services.

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Former federal politician George Christensen is running for local government in Mackay, Queensland, with a strong focus on eliminating "woke rubbish" from council agendas and returning the focus to essential community services.

Christensen expressed his frustration with the diversion of local councils into issues such as Indigenous representation and international matters like the Israel-Hamas conflict. He emphasised that local governments should prioritise tasks like waste collection, road maintenance, and cost-of-living reduction to support their communities effectively.

He highlighted the need for a return to traditional council responsibilities, citing examples of inappropriate events and materials funded by ratepayers, such as a drag queen dance event for young children and questionable library books.

Referring to the divisive nature of such issues in councils globally, Christensen reiterated his commitment to fight against the infiltration of "woke" agendas into local governance.

He firmly rejected the idea of following the lead from City of Melbourne council in implementing an Indigenous Voice to the Mackay council, further pointing to the need for councils to focus solely on essential services.

Christensen's campaign promises to "de-wokeify" the Mackay Regional Council and lower rates by re-establishing a focus on core services have gained traction among local voters.

Despite uncertainties about his electoral prospects, Christensen remains determined to address these issues if elected.

As the local government elections approach on the weekend, Christensen urged voters to support his campaign for a return to practical governance.

He vows to prioritise the needs of Mackay residents and hopes his victory will inspire similar movements across the nation.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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