Former MPP Roman Baber joins Ezra Levant at CPC leadership event

'The most important thing we need to do right now is unite as a party and embrace all conservatives, so we can defeat Justin Trudeau and eliminate what I think frankly, is the existential risk facing our democracy,' said Baber.

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At Saturday's Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership announcement event in Ottawa, former MPP Roman Baber joined Ezra Levant to discuss Pierre Poilievre's victory as well as what's next for the CPC.

Speaking about Pierre Poilievre, Baber said, "He showed some depth today. He didn't scratch the surface. He went into substantive issues and he drew a difference between himself and our Conservative Party, and Justin Trudeau and the Liberals."

Baber went on to say, "I like the fact that he was very clear that issues of the economy are something that's very predominant, but he did not leave individual choice and our freedoms aside. And I have every confidence that he will restore freedom of speech and freedom of choice, and at the same time, really resonate with Canadians on what is now turning into a major issue, that is the cost of living."

Rebel's full live stream coverage of the event can be seen here:

Baber previously sat down with Ezra for an extensive interview during his candidacy. That video can be seen below:

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