Fossil fuels setting the world “on fire”? Canada paying for anti-oil propaganda

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Just like Jason Kenney's Alberta government, Trudeau has his own energy war room, but you've probably never heard about. 

Trudeau's energy war room isn't to promote the energy sector and fight slander and lies produced by the enemies of the oilsands, but rather it's to wage war on the energy sector.

Look at this, from Blacklock's:

A federal website has published climate change commentaries opposing aid for oil companies or airlines, claiming “the world remains on fire”. Neither the author nor Department of Industry would comment.

“The world remains ‘on fire’ due to climate change caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels,” wrote author Dr. Kyla Tienhaara, Canada Council Research Chair in Economy and Environment at Queen’s University. Tienharra’s opinions were published on the website of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, a $978 million-a year federal agency.

Looks to me like Jason Kenney's energy war room doesn't have to look any further than the federal government to find the funding for the enemies of Alberta.

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