Gays coming out for Trump: 45% of gay men support his re-election

Gays coming out for Trump: 45% of gay men support his re-election
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In a historic upset of traditional support for the Democratic Party, a new survey of 1,200 gay American men says 45% support Donald Trump’s reelection.

A survey of around 1,200 queer male Americans found that around 45 per cent – around 540 – plan to vote for Trump.

As much as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has netted an, albeit, slim majority of the queer male vote, securing 51 per cent, it signaled to pollsters how the president’s brand of bullish showmanship has roiled the political landscape.

Only 10 per cent emphatically said they do not support him “at all” and would not vote for him regardless.

A separate survey conducted by Hornet, a gay dating app, suggested that 60% of gay men in Russia and 51% in Taiwan support Trump.

The record-breaking support for the Republican incumbent may come as a surprise to the Democrats, but it shouldn’t. Although the Dems have relied on the gay vote as a crutch for a long time, Donald Trump has spent his presidency as a strong supporter of the gay community in America and around the world.

His administration’s push to decriminalize homosexuality globally is just one part of the story. Trump also arranged to freely provide a life changing HIV prevention drug to gay men who are uninsured.

On top of his active support of the gay community during his presidency, Donald Trump actually vocally supported the right for gay partners in the United States to have the right to get married – before both Joe Biden and Barrack Obama.   

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  • By Ezra Levant

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