Why isn't an alleged knife attack at Global News Toronto being reported on by the MSM?

If that alleged knifeman was wearing a MAGA cap or driving a pickup truck brandishing the Maple Leaf, this would be a 'domestic extremist' attack, and Global News and their competitors would be running stories around the clock.

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On Tuesday, a knifeman is alleged to have entered the premises of Global News Toronto. Allegedly, the knifeman is or was a Global employee. The rest of the story remains murky, although we do know several police cruisers and a paramedic rushed to the scene.

So, what, pray tell, happened? And why is there no news coverage? After all, the age-old saying in the news biz is, “if it bleeds it leads.” But apparently not at Global News. Especially if an insider was the alleged attacker.

The Toronto Police Service confirms there was an incident but, oddly, no charges were laid. Other than that, no comment.

We reached out to Global News' Toronto News Director Mackay Taggart He/Him for comment, but we recorded no response.

However, recently on Twitter, Mr. Taggart He/Him posted this: “I want to apologize to all our loyal Global News Toronto viewers who have witnessed significant technical difficulties our team has experienced over the last two days. We are working hard to address the problems, and return to the quality news programming you expect from us.”

Interesting. Given that there were no brownouts or blackouts in the GTA these last few days, is a crazed knifeman now referred to as a “technical difficulty” by Global News people? Weird.

We also sought comment from Crime Reporter Catherine McDonald, given an alleged knife attack sounds pretty “crime-y” to us, but we have yet to receive a response. Same goes for Global’s social media drama queen, Rachel Gilmore, who endlessly moans about attacks on her (not physical attacks, mind you, but mean tweets). No comment from Rachel either.

Here were our queries to Mr. Taggart He/Him, by the way:

  1. I understand the [alleged] knifeman is or was a Global News employee. Is this correct?
  2. Do you know what his motivation might have been for the attack?
  3. I’m curious why your news outlet has not reported on this incident?
  4. Your colleague, Rachel Gilmore, has been very active on social media lately decrying violence (essentially mean Tweets) directed her way. Will she be reporting on this actual act of physical violence at her workplace?

The spokeswoman for Global News, Rishma Govani, did confirm that an incident occurred on Tuesday but offered no further details.

Again, how odd. After all, did you happen to see that humdinger of an open letter that was published the other day by members of the Media Party? It’s a joint letter, actually, signed by 48 — count ’em, 48 — media organizations and associations. It was sent to the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, and other political leaders. And the letter “demands action on the growing harassment and abuse of journalists in Canada.”

The letter also notes the following: “Many of the threatening emails use similar language, the language commonly used by domestic extremist groups.”

Whoa! Who are these so-called domestic terrorist groups? They are not identified in the open letter. But we think the Media Party are referring to the Freedom Convoys of the last several months. Yeah, that was one hell of a terrorist group on Wellington Street in Ottawa, wasn’t it? Especially if one believes bouncy castles and hot tubs are weapons of mass destruction. But we digress…

Yet, this, we think, is the crux of the matter. Namely, if that alleged knifeman was wearing a MAGA cap or driving a pickup truck brandishing the Maple Leaf, this would be a “domestic extremist” attack, and Global News and their competitors would be running stories around the clock.

But this is allegedly one of their own who was terrorizing the newsroom, so nothing to see here, folks….

Of note: we visited Global News Toronto and the building is very secure. The doors are locked, so one would indeed need a key or access card to get into the building.

But again, the alleged attacker apparently does not fit the definition of a “domestic extremist,” so instead of news coverage, a coverup takes lease. And we were told to scram by security or face trespassing charges.

Your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks.

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