GOOD NEWS: Church in the Vine in Edmonton has more COVID charges withdrawn

The Fortins and Church in the Vine had a great lawyer, James Kitchen, hired through crowdfunding donations to

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The church, led by the pastoral duo of Rodney and Tracy Fortin, became one of the early religious objectors to COVID lockdowns not only on places of worship but society at large. The pair did their best to keep people safe but did not police their congregation on behalf of the bio-medical police state.

This bold stance to honour the rules of God over the government put the Fortins on the sinner's list of Alberta Health Services. Officials tried to enter and inspect the church during services but Tracy became a defacto bouncer, barring the door to protect the sanctity of worship.

For this, she personally received a stack of obstruction charges, along with the same charges issued to the church. Tracy and the church became enemies of the state, and AHS tried to use other agencies to get into the church, mobilizing Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) to try to inspect the church as though it were a dangerous construction zone or factory. The church got a fine for blocking that fake inspection too.

Thankfully, the Fortins and Church in the Vine had a great lawyer, James Kitchen, who is working so hard to fight those fines and charges through crowdfunding donations to, where people with lockdown tickets are connected with top lawyers at no cost to them as part of the civil liberties work of the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.

The last time we checked in with James, he was able to have the administrative penalty from OHS withdrawn and now he has been able to get those obstruction charges against Tracy tossed out too!

Even though the restrictions are being rolled back in Alberta, the fines, charges and summonses issued during the lockdowns are still winding through the court system. There is much work left to do helping people fight their lockdown tickets in court.

To donate to support this work, please visit All donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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