Controversial McKinsey consulting firm granted access to Government of Canada emails

McKinsey's concealed influence raises national security concerns, with the external entity having direct access to information across multiple government sectors.

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Western nations, including Canada, witnessed a coordinated response to the pandemic, marked by unprecedented health measures and strict lockdowns, often influenced by the advice of consulting firm McKinsey. Recent access to information requests, facilitated by, uncovered McKinsey's deeper involvement, operating within the immigration ministry with official government email addresses. 

Playing a crucial role in pandemic management, McKinsey received $6.6 million from the Quebec government for strategic consultations. Ottawa granted McKinsey an 81-year contract in 2019, raising questions about procurement choices.

Under the Harper government, McKinsey's federal contracts totaled $2.2 million over nine years. In contrast, after seven years of the Trudeau government, this figure surged to $66 million last year. 

As a U.S.- based company with global consultants, McKinsey advises entities with potentially conflicting interests while concealing business ties. Radio-Canada's analysis revealed $24.5 million in management consulting contracts with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) since 2015.

Concerns about McKinsey's growing influence on Canadian immigration policy, as suggested by anonymous sources within IRCC, highlight transparency issues. Access to information requests uncovered emails generated for McKinsey employees within the Immigration department, posing challenges to scrutinizing McKinsey's impact on Canadian governance. 

This external entity's concealed influence raises national security concerns, with direct access to information across different government sectors. The emails generated by our government permits access to information, allowing Canadians to understand the influence of McKinsey within Canadian governance.

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  • By Rebel News

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