Checking back in to pop culture: Katherine Krozonouski and Nat Biase's new show Miss Understood

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Did you know that Rebel News has a brand new premium show, debuting in video form on February 15, 2022?

The show called Miss Understood is hosted by Katherine Krozonouski and Nat Biase, and while the pair do other jobs at Rebel News they saw a hole they could fill through their own experience finding their way back to their own conservative roots. The energetic duo tackles contemporary cultural issues from a conservative millennial female viewpoint every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Many older conservative moms like me have nearly entirely checked out of pop culture. For me, I find it all so hedonistic and weird and the method and style of communication confuse me.

But in the pop-culture ether is where the next generation of future leaders is currently being formed. So shouldn't we be there, engaging them and proselytizing the good news of conservatism in a language they speak?

How can conservatives win the culture war with young people when we don't even show up to the battle?

Joining me tonight to discuss why they are doing their new show, Miss Understood, and why old ladies like me should care, are Katherine Krozonouski and Nat Biase.

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