Cory Morgan on Calgary's $87B climate plan and the CPC leadership race

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The City of Calgary just passed an $87 billion climate plan. 

The net-zero plan will extend through to 2050 and will set the Calgary taxpayer back $3.1 billion annually.

City councillors voted 9-6 in favour of the scheme.

Councillors Sean Chu, Sonya Sharp, Andre Chabot, Richard Pootmans, Jennifer Wyness and Dan McLean were opposed. The strategy mandates that all city vehicles must be zero emissions by 2050, and aims to have all buildings in Calgary with a net-zero standard by the same year.

The burden for Calgary taxpayers will be enormous and it flows directly from the city's so-called climate emergency declaration which was sold as non-binding but is now being used as justification for the crushing green scheme debt.

All this is happening in front of the backdrop of the greatest outdoor show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede. The rodeo brings in politicians angling for votes. The United Conservative leadership contestants were in town, as well as the Conservatives angling to replace Erin O'Toole in the top spot. The Prime Minister was also in town to flip pancakes, and he was, according to the mainstream media but in contrast to reality, "mobbed" by "throngs" of fans.

Cory Morgan (@CoryBMorgan) from the Western Standard joins me tonight to break down the news from Cow Town and debrief us on the debate/fireside chat with CPC leadership hopefuls hosted by Western Standard earlier in the week.

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