Michelle Stirling on Big Tech's climate 'misinformation' warnings

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YouTube and Facebook have been slapping warning labels on the content of climate change skeptics, accusing them of spreading misinformation. But, as they say, the phone call is coming from inside the house.

Friends of Science — an organization comprised of actual scientists, analysts and professional engineers — has been subject to this special tagging of their videos and posts, warning potential viewers and readers that Friends of Science may be guilty of getting the science wrong. The tags direct viewers to United Nations links about the politics of climate change and push people to studies showing an increase in recent temperature data.

However, the pros at Friends of Science, known for digging into data, dug into the data the Big Tech oligarchs have been using to fact-check skeptics and discovered that it was either wrong or specifically labelled not for use to defend climate science.

Michelle Stirling of Friends of Science joins me to discuss the organization's 20-year-long fight for open civil discussion and the climate misinformation being spread by Silicon Valley.

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