Trudeau's journalists show no humility even after getting so much wrong

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The mainstream media mockery of the Freedom Convoy hasn't stopped at the doors of the Trucker Commission building.

Rebel News journalists have been reporting on the Freedom Convoy since it formed in early January 2022. We had two journalists, Mocha Bezirgan and Selene Galas, embedded in the anti-covid mandate protest movement as it wound its way across the country.

Then, several other Rebel News reporters were on the ground as the convoy remained in Ottawa for nearly four weeks before Prime Minister Trudeau used the heavy hammer of the Emergencies Act (EA) to strip the right to peaceful protest from law-abiding Canadians in their nation's capital.

Mainstream media journalists have accused the convoy of arson.

But the alleged arson was not convoy related.

And the ethnically diverse convoy was accused of racism by Trudeau.

CBC had to retract two separate stories about the convoy being polluted by foreign actors and Russian money.

However, after getting so much wrong, corporate journalists still have no humility. According to Selene, the journalists snickered through emotional testimony provided by convoy protesters who are testifying at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), the official examination of the government's actions in invoking the EA.

Joining me tonight to discuss what she is seeing inside the media room in the POEC is Selene Galas.

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