Rebels invade the World Health Summit!

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Rebel News sent a five-person team to Berlin, Germany earlier in October to slip behind the veil of the World Health Summit.

The summit is a cloistered high-level meeting of the most significant public health manipulators. These are the very ones who composed the lockdown and vaccine passport policies which enabled the authoritarian crackdown at the hands of bureaucrats and politicians these last two and a half years.

And they have never faced any real scrutiny or accountability. That is, until now.

Tamara Ugolini, Alexa Lavoie, Drea Humphrey and two producers were in Berlin, secretly inside the conference covering what the world's public health control freaks do and say behind closed doors. They were also out on the streets covering the protests of normal people concerned about the potential for more covid lockdowns, forced vaccines and censorship.

Drea Humphrey joins me tonight to talk about what she saw in Berlin and she lets us in on a big secret: She's got more explosive news from Berlin yet to come. To see all of the teams' reports at

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