The push for net-zero healthcare is a slippery slope to MAID

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While healthcare only accounts for 5 per cent of global C02 emissions, many within the industry see the inclusion of green energy in hospitals and patient care as the battleground in the fight for human health.

Hospitals, however, need reliable, consistent, affordable energy to provide life-saving patient care and to prevent the spread of deadly diseases. And green energy is neither reliable nor consistent nor affordable.

But what about the patient? What becomes of our infirm and elderly when the healthcare system is infected with an ideology which views humans as a parasite upon the face of the heart, an anti-natalist, suicidal philosophy which encourages depopulation?

Veterans are being encouraged to partake in assisted suicide as a treatment for their PTSD. One woman in Ontario was given MAID for chemical sensitivities and difficulty findings housing. What if someone deems your carbon footprint too large? The Association for Palliative Medicine is already worried about the climate footprint of end-of-life care.

Medical assistance in dying is the evil end result of a healthcare system already on the verge of collapse, coupled with a newfound obsession by some doctors with the carbon footprints of a hospital, medical supplies and the patients.

Joining me tonight is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science to discuss this troubling trend growing in the climate cult.

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