Gutless: Pesutto criticised for staying silent on Indigenous Voice vote

Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto refuses to reveal his position on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Gutless: Pesutto criticised for staying silent on Indigenous Voice vote
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John Pesutto is refusing to say how he will vote on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, despite the referendum being just months away.

The Victorian Liberal leader, who continually criticises Dan Andrews for a lack of transparency, refused to give his view on the Voice when asked about it on Melbourne radio.

“I will make my position known closer to the date of the referendum whenever it’s scheduled,” he told 3AW on Monday.

“For me, as a state opposition leader, I just have to make sure my focus every second of every day is on state priorities and issues.

“This is an important national discussion, I fully acknowledge that, but I am happy at the moment to listen to the debate and think about the issues.”

Pesutto is the only state leader not to have revealed his position on the referendum question.

And while he is vacillating over his vote, most of his MPs have been far more decisive and forthright.

Of the 29 Liberal MPs in Parliament, 19 have confirmed they will oppose the Voice.

Frontbencher Jess Wilson remains the only Liberal MP so far to publicly support the Voice.

Pesutto, who has had months to think about the issue, told 3AW he was still weighing up both sides of the argument.

 “I haven’t landed… I have got some reservations about different aspects, but I understand the importance of it,” he said.

“So I am not trying to evade the issue, I know it’s an important one… I do owe the Victorian people a clear position. I am still weighing up all of the arguments.”

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