Hamilton Freedom Rally RAIDED by police; everyone in attendance fined

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Once again I headed over to my hometown, Hamilton, Ontario, for the weekly Freedom Rally organized by Anthony Gagliardi from Hugs Over Masks.

The reason I keep going back is simple: the reaction from government agents — in this case Hamilton police and municipal bylaw enforcement officers — is completely insane. It's generally a small showing of just under a dozen attendees, and every week they are financially intimidated — detained and ticketed, forced to go through the legal process of fighting back against these unjust fines handed out for protesting.

This week was different, however. The protesters made it a point to socially distance, an attempt to prevent any sort of rationale for the revenue agents and their armed enforcers to resort to handing out $880 tickets to everyone in sight. Sadly, this didn't matter, and it is very clear what the intentions are for ticketing peaceful demonstrators. It's pure intimidation.

I myself have even received charges, just for reporting and recording their actions; just for bringing you the other side of the story.

Officer Raza, for example, clearly doesn't remember his oath.

This is actually my second ticket for the same offence of being a Rebel reporter. I'm not intimidated however.

I wanted to showcase the hypocrisy this week as well. With the Middle East going through another conflict between Israel and Palestine, massive protests sprung up all over the Greater Toronto Area. In Hamilton in particular, there was over a thousand people protesting a foreign government chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and even burned an Israeli flag in the middle of the street. Yet law enforcement didn't dare apply the same type of intimidation tactics to them.

Wonder why?

What do you think of this selective enforcement? Is this the future of Canada, seeing your fellow countrymen ticketed $880 each just for protesting the most restrictive lockdown measures in North America? Despite the protesters efforts to socially distance, it's clear these measures only mean to scare off any sort of government dissent.

As you know, we are running the largest civil liberties campaign in our company's history, FightTheFines.com. Through that campaign we help Canadians crowdfund legal defences to fight back against unjust COVID fines. FightTheFines.com is now partnered with a registered charity, so your donation is now eligible to receive a tax receipt, keeping more of your money away from Justin Trudeau.

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