Hamilton pit stop pours their support for Freedom Convoy

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On January 27, near Barton St. in Hamilton, Ontario, there was large turnout for the Freedom Convoy that ranged from all ages.

The Freedom Convoy consists of truckers from all over Canada taking to the roads for Ottawa against the mandates. Families and friends lined and set up stations that had supplies, food, presents and even drawings from children to hand to the truckers headed to Ottawa.

Everyone present on the sidewalks and on the side of the streets were braving the cold weather to display the Hamilton spirit for freedom.

I had the chance to intercept a few truckers and their families that stopped at the pit stop and asked them a few questions regarding Trudeau’s latest comment on the convoy.

None of them seemed the least bit surprised. When mentioned to the truckers, the prime minister's words only seemed to reinforce their will to head to Ottawa and protest the mandate imposed by Trudeau.

Check out some of the crowd here:

Just as the show of support was happening in Hamilton, there was an update on the COVID status of Trudeau.

The prime minister says he will be isolating for five days, now working from home — as if that excuse was enough to deter some of the truckers coming from all over the country. Whatever the COVID status of the Ottawa bureaucrats, the passion behind the convoy will not halt for a tweet.

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