'He was beating him up with his rifle'

Rebel's Ottawa Reporter, William Diaz-Berthiaume joins The Ezra Levant Show and discusses how a freedom convoy lawyer cross-examined OPS Supt. Robert Bernier during the Emergencies Act hearing.

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"The freedom convoy lawyer cross-examined Superintendent Bernier from the OPS and she showed a clip that was taken by protesters in February where we see an officer beating down a protester with his rifle," said Ottawa reporter, William Diaz_Berthiaume. "And the only single thing Superintendent Bernier had to say, was that the video was unclear and he wasn't capable of actually making something out of it."

The freedom convoy lawyer asked Supt. Robert Bernier:

All right. So do you agree that the OPS officer in this video, in the back, behind the ranks, the line is using what is actually the muzzle and not the butt of what looks like a 40 millimetre chemical ammunition launch to beat a protester with?

"Not enough for me to see what exactly is going on," said Supt. Bernier.

The lawyer continued and asked, "But you can see that there is a police officer in the back beating a protester with a rifle?"

The Superintendent again replied, "there is not enough for me to see what is actually happening behind bodies."

Absolutely shocking. It makes me angry, the fact that the policemen says, 'Oh I don't see anything? No, I don't see anything.' You know, I absolutely believe that that was commonplace.

Our own reporter, Alexa Lavoie, was shot in the leg with some riot gun. We heard that police were taking peaceful protesters, not charging them, just taking them in a vehicle, driving them outside the city and dumping them on the side of the road and by the way, it was -20 out there.

That is infuriating, and I think that the police need to be sued.

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