Hear the inside story of why YouTube REALLY suspended us — and why they’re about to ban us permanently.

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YouTube suspended our channel for a week. That week is now over, and I’d like to tell you what happened, since YouTube wouldn’t let us communicate with you until now.

They cut us off from everyone, including our 1.45 million channel subscribers who signed up to hear from us. YouTube didn’t just block us from speaking — they blocked our 1.45 million friends from watching. They punished you, not just us. And I think they’re going to do it again — so I need your help. If that happens again, I want to be able to send you a text or a quick email to let you know where you can find us — YouTube refuses to give us any contact info for you. But if you click here, take one second and type in your mobile number or your email, if they ban us again, I’ll be able to tell you where we resurface. You can unsubscribe from us anytime — I just don’t want YouTube to disconnect us again.

OK, back to what happened. I’ve learned a lot about YouTube in the past week, and none of it is good. They’re an unethical company with deceptive business practices. They’re owned by Google, whose motto used to be “don’t be evil.” They officially decided to drop that a few years ago, and it shows.

The first thing to know is that in the six years Rebel News has been on YouTube, 15,000 videos we’ve published on the platform, we’ve never had a strike. By that I mean, we’ve never violated their terms of service. We follow the rules every time.

But suddenly, last week, with no notice and with no appeal, they just suspended us. Refused to let us publish new videos or livestreams. They claim that an old video we made more than three months ago suddenly violates their rules. They didn’t care about it back then. But let’s be honest. They’ve been combing through our video library, going back years, to find something, anything, to get us. For all I know, they’ve found other videos from the past that they’re waiting to use as their next excuse to ban us permanently. They’re tricky that way. Don’t trust them.

They chose this old video, called “If Big Tech can silence Trump, they can silence anyone.”

That’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? It was a video about how biased tech companies have become, and how brutally they censor conservatives. That’s the video they banned. Hey, YouTube? Orwell’s 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual. Don’t be evil, OK?

In that video, I mentioned how Trump, who was, back then, still a sitting president, had his official announcements deleted by the social media companies — even though foreign dictators like the leaders of China and Iran are still allowed. In my video, I didn’t agree or disagree with Trump’s messages — I just said they were banned. I was showing how arrogant these censors are. But YouTube claimed that even showing a short clip from a Donald Trump video — not to promote it or support it, but merely to show what was banned — YouTube says that’s why we were suspended.

But even that’s a lie. Because CNN showed the same Trump video clip on their YouTube channel. And they’re not suspended. ABC showed the same video clip on their YouTube channel. And they’re not suspended. Because they’re liberal. And we’re conservative. Different rules.

You know, I laughed so hard when I saw this YouTube video the other day.

It’s the president of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, getting a freedom of expression award! I thought it was a joke — and apparently most YouTube viewers do too. I have never seen that ratio before — about 100 people liked that video, and 26,000 dislike it. Everyone knows it’s a lie. YouTube is the world’s biggest censor. I’m surprised YouTube didn’t reset those likes and dislikes counters. Who on earth would give the world’s most prolific censor a free speech award?

Well, I researched the group that did — they’re called the Freedom Forum Institute. I had never heard of them before.

But if you look through their website, you can see that YouTube is a major donor to them. And you can see, and this is crazy, they literally sell free speech awards to people who donate enough. I’m serious: “We’re happy to help corporations explore the ways that they can leverage their resources and create positive buzz around their brand through a relationship with the Freedom Forum.”

Seriously. Susan Wojcicki made a donation to these shills to have them praise her. That’s like sending yourself flowers on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t really count if you have to pay for it.

So our channel’s suspension is over — but I believe we’ll be hit again soon. This was actually the second attack on us in recent weeks — just recently, YouTube suddenly cut off our ability to run any ads at all, or use SuperChats — and they gave no reason whatsoever. They’re obviously coming to kill us. This suspension was their second attack.

So in the past week, we’ve been busy. We’ve spoken with the executives at three rival video platforms — Rumble, Odysee, and one other company that’s about to launch in the next week or so. And although they still have some catching up to do to have all the bells and whistles that YouTube has, they’re great! And here’s something weird. Whenever we used to do a livestream with YouTube, with our 1.45 million subscribers, typically only about 1,500 of them would watch. I never thought about that much — maybe our viewers just didn’t care what we had to say. But that doesn’t really make sense — that only one in a thousand Rebel News subscribers would tune in to Rebel News livestreams?

I never thought about it much until we started doing livestreams with Rumble and Odysee. We only have a handful of subscribers there — we just signed up. And yet in our very first day, we had more viewers on Rumble than we had on YouTube. Almost as many on Odysee.

You know: I think YouTube has been artificially suppressing our livestreams, by a factor of 99 per cent.

I really think YouTube are what they promised they’d never be — they are evil. At least towards people they hate. And I don’t care how many awards they give themselves, we all know who they really are now.

So our suspension is over, but I’m sure another one is coming. They’ll concoct another excuse. I think one of the reasons YouTube might be bullying us right now, after pretty much leaving us alone for six years, is that Justin Trudeau’s minister for censorship, Steven Guilbeault, has been threatening social media companies to crack down on his critics, and he plans to bring in a new censorship law within weeks. He specifically says he intends to censor anyone who taunts politicians. And he's creating a new ministry of censorship to regulate YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

So he’s threatening YouTube with massive fines. And even with blocking their servers in Canada.

That could be why YouTube is coming to kill us, after tolerating us for six years. Trudeau is about to call an election. We’re his chief critic. His censorship minister wants to stop criticism, and there’s no law that covers that, so he’s going to make one up. And he’s telling YouTube to shut us down. That’s one theory.

But maybe it’s just YouTube acting out against a strong conservative channel — they’re one of the most left-wing companies in America. They probably didn’t need any politician to tell them to censor us. It comes naturally to them.

But I’m here to say that Rebel News will survive — and thrive. The very fact that these bullies want to shut us up proves how important our voice is. We represent Canadians who want to hear the other side of the story. We’ll keep using YouTube until they ban us. But even when they do, we’ll live on — on Rumble, Odysee, maybe another platform, maybe even our own video platform. We had 19 million visits to our RebelNews.com website last year — those people know how to find us whether or not YouTube tries to cut us off.

So we’re going to start posting to our YouTube channel again. Because 1.45 million beautiful people rely on YouTube to connect with us. And just because YouTube is abusive, doesn’t mean we’ll give up on our people who found us through them.

But every single YouTube video we post in our remaining days or weeks here will have an important message in them: if you don’t give us your mobile number or email address by going to RebelNews.com and typing it in, the day will come when we’ll simply be disappeared by YouTube, and you may never be able to find us, and we’ll certainly never be able to find you.

My friends, our motto is telling the other side of the story. I don’t care if that offends Trudeau’s political censors or YouTube’s corporate censors. We’re going to keep speaking truth to power.

We’ll stay here as long as we can, but when we’re gone, we’re gone. Don’t let them separate us — please click here now to give us your details.

Thanks. And to hell with the censors — in Silicon Valley or Ottawa. Long live freedom of speech.

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