WATCH: Heroes of last year getting MOCKED on the streets of Melbourne

The nurses were protesting Dan's vaccine mandate.

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Some in Melbourne hit the pubs to celebrate the end of the state’s sixth lockdown on Friday. 

But for a group of nurses and teachers protesting, Friday wasn’t a day of freedom — It was a day of segregation. 

As usual, mainstream news outlets were too busy enjoying their so-called “freedom” to show you what really went down that day. 

So, I went to check it out to get the other side of the story. 

And let me tell you, some bystanders had some aggressive and incoherent things to say about the protesters.

One thing has become clear: there is now a serious divide in Melbourne. 

What those bystanders fail to understand is that it is only freedom when we can get ALL of our freedoms back for EVERYONE. 

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