Highlighting Prime Minister Trudeau’s broken promises for BC firefighting during his visit to Vancouver

Instead of fire crews being ready and complete, the province has had to rely heavily on crews from other regions including international firefighters.

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On Friday, after meeting with Okanagan city officials, firefighters, and media to discuss wildfires that have recently affected some of the communities in the region, Prime Minister Trudeau was the honourable guest at a fancy Liberal fundraiser held at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

While many of those inside the private event paid a whopping $1700 to wine and dine while the Prime Minister gave a speech, the grassroots crowd of citizens that gathered outside of the private event shared a far less favourable sentiment about the PM.

“I just want him to hear me say that I think he’s doing a terrible job,” said one man whose date night with his wife turned into protesting Trudeau’s presence in Vancouver. Rebel News had their boots on the ground not only to hear from the citizens about why they were protesting Trudeau’s visit, but also to try and ask the PM an important question about BC’s ongoing wildfires that legacy media has failed to ask.

In 2021, Trudeau made some grandiose campaign promises about upcoming fire seasons should he become re-elected. “A re-elected Liberal government will invest $500 million ahead of the next fire season for the firefighters and equipment provinces need,” Trudeau promised from behind a podium while on the campaign trail in BC August 2021.

The PM also promised the party would ensure that 1000 new firefighters would be trained by the summer of 2022 so when the next year came around “teams would be ready and complete.”

The promises starkly contrast the reality of what’s occurred with regards to the hundreds of wildfires currently still ablaze this summer in BC’s Okanagan. Instead of fire crews being ready and complete, the province has had to rely heavily on crews from other regions including international firefighters.

In a statement from Dane Lloyd, Conservative Shadow Minister for Emergency Preparedness, the opposition MP states that even a year past Trudeau’s promise is due “this program is still in development and for 2022, the Liberals barely committed one sixth of the annual funding needed to keep pace with their promise.”

Needing more firefighters and equipment isn’t the only concern that has been highlighted by some of the people impacted by the ongoing fires. Many citizens have expressed frustration with how poorly they feel evacuation notices and fire warnings were communicated to them.

With over 70% of Canadians consuming their news from online platforms, it’s reasonable to question how much the Trudeau government's Bill C-18 could be putting Canadians at risk. The unprecedented social media law requires that social media platforms pay Trudeau’s choice media in order for users of the platform to share Canadian news articles.

In response, Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has opted out of allowing Canadian news to be posted on their platforms at all. Considering Facebook and Instagram are two of the largest social media platforms in the world, will the Trudeau Liberals consider repealing a bill that is keeping citizens in the dark about important matters such as wildfires?

Clearly British Columbians, especially those who have been directly impacted by the wildfires, deserve answers from the PM about his broken promises in this area but not a single journalist who accompanied him on his Okanagan appearances bothered to ask him about it.

Click on the full video report to see what happened when Rebel News tried to catch up with the PM to ask him the burning question and to hear from the protesters outside who had a few burning questions for the PM of their own.

If you appreciate that Rebel News isn’t afraid to get our boots on the ground to try and get you the answers you deserve from public officials, consider chipping in a few bucks to cover the costs involved in doing so at RebelFieldReports.com.

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