Highlights from Toronto pro-Israel rally: Liberal MPs make political hay, Mayor Olivia Chow is a no-show, and no donuts for Jews and their allies!

David Menzies attended a pro-Israel rally at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto over the weekend. Sunday marked the hundredth day of the grotesque attack on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas.

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Sometimes time flies – even when you are not having fun.

Sunday marked the hundredth day of the grotesque attack on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas.

More than 1,200 were killed and more than 4,000 injured on Oct. 7, 2023. Most of whom were innocent civilians. As well, 240 people were kidnapped that day; 132 remain captive.

So it was that a pro-Israel rally took place at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto to mark this dark occasion, the theme being “Bring them (hostages) home.”

Some observations:

  • Can the folks running City Hall explain why there is a Ukrainian flag on display in the square in solidarity for the people of Ukraine but post-Oct. 7 there is still no flag of Israel on display? Is the Israeli flag too political? Will the very presence of this flag “trigger” pro-Hamas supporters (it doesn’t take much to enrage these supporters of terrorism, after all: these people are notorious when it comes to tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis, advocating for violence and vandalism, and calling for the genocide of the Jewish people and the annihilation of Israel).
  • Also absent was Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. She seems to be firmly in the corner of the pro-Hamas types – even though members of Team Terrorism disrupted a an event hosted by Mayor Chow at the square’s skating rink earlier this month. Oh well.
  • Making political hay at the rally were a few Liberal MPs, including Marco Mendicino and Dr. Carolyn Bennet. How odd: a top Hamas official recently thanked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his support! In any event, we did manage to scrum Mendicino. Our most pressing question: why is it that law enforcement and politicians turn a blind eye to pro-Hamas demonstrators carrying out assaults, vandalism, and chanting for genocide? Why is it that these people, unlike the members of the peaceful trucker convoy protest two years ago in Ottawa, haven’t been arrested as well as having their bank accounts frozen. No comment.

  • Also regarding Mendicino. Could it be that his support of Israel is due to the fact riding that his Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence has a significant Jewish population? At least Mendicino answered that query with a terse “No!” But does anyone believe that?
  • On the plus side, nor Rebel News employee was arrested for the crime of asking a Liberal MP an insensitive query.

  • Speaking of law enforcement, unlike the pro-Hamas bridge blockaders, members of the Toronto Police Service were not handing out coffee and Timbits to the pro-Israel demonstrators. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld: “No donut for you!” But why?
  • Perhaps the reason Toronto’s Finest did not morph into Uber Eats drivers that day was due to the fact that unlike the pro-Hamas protestors, this demonstration was entirely peaceful with no calls for vandalism, violence and genocide. Maybe the Toronto Police Service needs to change its slogan from “To Serve and Protect” to “Rewarding the Takers; Penalizing the Makers.”

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