Homeless and jobless due to the pandemic, this man doesn’t want handouts — just a job, any job

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Meet Scott Tulpin, who is currently residing in a Toronto shelter, something he calls a miserable experience. But this wasn’t always the case for Scott. Prior to the pandemic, he had his own apartment and was gainfully employed. But that all changed when the economy went into shutdown mode — despite Ontario being run by a premier who, in 2018, ran on the slogans of “For the People” and “Ontario: Open for Business.”

Well, Doug Ford’s business, Deco Labels, is apparently doing just fine cranking out all that COVID-19 signage and whatnot. But for thousands of Ontarians, the economic smackdown has been catastrophic. And that includes for Scott Tulpin.

We came across Scott near the Highway 401 offramp at Kennedy Road. Rather than begging for change, Scott was standing at the ramp with a sign that notes his contact information. He doesn’t want handouts. He doesn’t want CERB payments. He just wants to put in an honest day’s work and receive a salary — even if the payment is minimum wage. After all, Scott says he grew up on a farm, so he’s not adverse to hard work and long hours.

Scott says he’s had a few leads from passing motorists that, unfortunately, did not pan out for him.

But, disturbingly, he has also had people throw projectiles at him. These thuggish idiots are apparently upset that Scott’s sign also notes that he has a mask exemption and that he isn’t vaccinated. What a perverse message emanating from the COVID-Karen crowd — mask up and get the jab for your own personal safety. Or we shall try to inflict harm upon you. Yet more insanity in an increasingly insane world.

Meanwhile, if you are in the Toronto area and you’re in need of a labourer, by all means, please give Scott a call.

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  • By David Menzies

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