WATCH: How cancel culture is spreading FEAR to Aussie kids

Dr. Kevin Donnelly warns of cancel culture's grip on Australian society, highlighting the urgent need to combat cultural Marxism.

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Author and educator, Dr. Kevin Donnelly, has spoken out vehemently against what he perceives as the insidious influence of cancel culture and cultural Marxism on Australian society.

In a new interview in Brisbane, Dr. Donnelly delved into the themes of his latest book, "Cancel Culture: And The Left's Long March."

A native of Melburnian, Dr. Donnelly reflected on Labor's Joan Kirner era and her socialist agenda in education, which he witnessed firsthand.

He highlighted Kirner's push for the overthrow of traditional educational values in favour of a socialist paradigm, advocating for equality of outcomes over competition and meritocracy.

Drawing on his extensive research, Dr. Donnelly elaborated on the concept of the Long March through the institutions, popularised by German activist Rudi Dutschke, wherein Marxist academics sought to instill cultural Marxism in Western societies.

His book explores the roots of cancel culture, political correctness, and t modern form "wokeness," decrying their corrosive effects on various facets of society.

Expressing his dismay at the current state of affairs, Dr. Donnelly lamented the pervasive influence of cancel culture, particularly its impact on the youth.

He recounted distressing scenes of young children succumbing to fear-induced despair over climate change, attributing such sentiments to the toxic environment fostered by cancel culture.

Moreover, Dr. Donnelly underscored the concerning rise in youth suicide, self-harm, and other mental health issues in Australia, attributing them to a lack of moral and spiritual grounding.

He warned against the erosion of optimism and positivity for the future, citing interconnected societal issues ranging from euthanasia to attacks on democratic values.

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