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How do police regain trust from their communities? Andrew Lawton joins Ezra Levant

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An incident involving an Ontario Provincial Police officer pushing a young boy off a scooter in Gravenhurst, Ontario made headlines across the province in the wake of last week's announcement by Premier Ford where police were granted more powers to enforce COVID restrictions. After the various police departments across the province pushed back on these new powers, the government walked back some of the claims it had made only a short time earlier.

Given what happened with the young boy in Gravenhurst, it's not clear that the Ontario Provincial Police, got that memo.

Joining Ezra Levant to talk about this unfortunate incident in police enforcement on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show was Andrew Lawton from True North.

Ezra asked Andrew how exactly police and government officials are supposed to regain trust and respect from their communities after something like what happened in Gravenhurst occurs, Andrew told Ezra that:

Police have been saying throughout the course of the pandemic that their goal is to make enforcement the last resort. And this was something that I was getting from police services when I was doing my roundup over the weekend, is they have 'the four E's' — education is there, and enforcement is the last one. They're saying on the surface that they don't want to be laying tickets for these restrictions.

And the problem that we have is that politicians are enforcing — or imposing, rather — this culture of enforcement. You played a clip from Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones earlier — in that same press conference she made a comment that was egregious in nature.

She was asked by a reporter whether people should basically be snitching on their neighbours and her only concern with that we might overburden government phonelines.

This was it. The only issue she raised was that, 'well, you know what, it might overburden emergency services, but if you can save a life you have to wonder about your social responsibility.

And this is now a snitch culture that the government is heaping on its citizens and there's no coming back from that.

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