Hutterite turkey farm protest case in court: Charges yet to be determined by Crown

Lawyers for protesters accused of stealing property from an Albertan Hutterite turkey farm were in court in Fort Macleod today to prepare for a Crown decision on whether or not to criminally indict the self-proclaimed “animal rights activists”.

It is unclear if Alberta's attorney general Doug Schweitzer will push for the most severe punishment; however, many Albertans are concerned that if these alleged criminals are let off the hook, it would indicate that farmers are fair game to be victimized at a time when Alberta is already scrambling to address a surge in rural crime rates.

Now, I’m a proud Albertan and I agree. If justice is not brought against these radicals, I think our farmers are going to continue to be harassed — but that’s also why it’s imperative to keep exposing them and their alleged crimes.

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