'I'm not shaking your hand... you f*cked this country': Trudeau confronted in Toronto

A heckler confronted Justin Trudeau on issues of housing, carbon taxes, Ukraine spending and more as the prime minister was glad-handing in Toronto.

'I'm not shaking your hand... you f*cked this country': Trudeau confronted in Toronto
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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, after leaving a housing announcement in the Greater Toronto Area Thursday afternoon, was confronted by a concerned citizen who heckled the PM as he was glad-handing supporters en route to his idling, dozen-vehicle motorcade.

The video recording posted by user “golfzilla.gsxr” on Instagram begins with Trudeau walking towards the man while shaking the hands of a supporter to his left.

“Look at this Bucktee, bro. Look at this Bucktee,” a voice is heard shouting from behind the camera. “Bucktee” is a slang term used to describe a “homeless crackhead who lives in Toronto,” according to Urban Dictionary. Trudeau then greets the man, extending his hand.

"Hey there how are you doing?” he says. Golfzilla, however, pushes back immediately.

“I’m not shaking your hand bro, you’re a f*cking piece of sh*t man,” he tells the prime minister. “Why’s that?” a visibly rattled Trudeau asks. The man replies, “you f*cked up this entire country”.

“How did I mess up this country?” Trudeau asks. The cameraman snaps back: “Can anybody afford a home,” touching on a national crisis facing Canadians are facing. Immigration, meanwhile, has reached records highs under the Trudeau Liberals, in addition to hundreds of thousands of international students and foreign workers leading to nearly 2,000,000 recent arrivals.

Trudeau famously claims that housing is not a federal, deflecting blame instead onto municipal and provincial governments.

The man continues: “You’re charging people a carbon tax, you got 9 V8s here idling,” pointing out the hypocritical nature of Trudeau lecturing others on his carbon pricing that has helped raise the cost of living and inflation.

The prime minister attempts to defend himself, “you know what we’re doing with that carbon tax?” The Instagrammer, Golfzilla, replies “We’re getting charged for what?”

Finishing his thought, Trudeau says his government is “putting a price on pollution, and we’re returning it to families like yours.”

The man shoots back on another heralded Liberal policy — the nearly $10 billion in taxpayer dollars sent to Ukraine following Russia's invasion in February 2022.

“You send it over to Ukraine, right? You send it over to the guy slaughtering his own country,” Golfzilla tells Trudeau.

Trudeau dismisses the concern as Russian propaganda.

“You have been listening to Putin, have you?” he says, adding “You know a lot of Russian disinformation” before he walks away from the conversation.

The man finishes the exchange yelling at Trudeau as he waves to the supporters around while entering his security detail. “You got propaganda bro!”

Trudeau has seen his poll numbers tank as Canadians are faced crisis after crisis following eight years of Liberal government. The latest Morning Consult approval poll found the prime minister had a 60% disapproval rating, with the Opposition Conservatives polling at 38% compared to the Liberals 27% according to a Nanos poll.

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