Ezra reports from New York as local law enforcement raid Columbia University

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Tonight, Ezra Levant again reports from Columbia University where anti-Israel encampments have escalated their protest, resulting in a police raid.

On campus, hundreds of students and faculty members continued their protests of the Israel-Hamas war. They demanded the immediate divestment of Israel, greater transparency of university finances, and amnesty for all occupants from the encampment.

Demonstrators were instructed by encampment leaders not to talk to journalists -- not even friendly media. Instead, a handpicked spokesperson dealt with the media at large.

By day they engaged in protest. At night, vandalism -- a marquee tactic of their cause. One maintenance worker urged the encampment not to desecrate the campus, and they refused to listen.

Despite receiving an eviction notice, they refused to disembark and de-escalate tensions. Meanwhile, any media personnel attempting to enter the encampment were denied entry. 

On Tuesday evening, New York City police raided Columbia University, and arrested dozens of demonstrators. School administrators failed to dismantle the encampment after weeks of ongoing protest.

Local law enforcement expressed concern that external actors sought to escalate tensions further. Some of the students went so far as to seize Hamilton Hall, a campus building and academic hall.

A line-up of police officers entered the premises through a second story window, after receiving a desperate plea for help from administrators. 

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