Investigating a COVID hotel in British Columbia

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Healthy, law-abiding Canadians are officially being detained against their will and forced to pay for their “stay” inside hotels, better known as “COVID jails,” as part of the federal government's plans for certain Canadians trying to return home from international travel.

My colleagues have done reports on such hotels in both Calgary and in Toronto where Canadians are being trapped. But those are not the only locations where this egregious violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is occurring.

According to the Government of Canada’s “Mandatory hotel stay for all air travellers arriving in Canada” policy, there are also COVID jails in Montreal and Vancouver.

That’s why when a Vancouver man tipped us off that he had spent over seven days trapped inside the Pacific Gateway Hotel, near the Vancouver International Airport, I had to go investigate to try and get answers. Perhaps equally concerning as Canadians being forced against their will to quarantine in these COVID jails is how secretive our government has been about them in general.

Click to watch the full report on my trip to the Pacific Gateway Hotel

Back in August, I did a report that analyzed some of the COVID-19 related emergency laws that in my opinion, could become so entrenched in Canada that mandatory quarantine facilities would become the new normal. Flash forward six months, and we now see this is very much a reality. Who knows what life in Canada will look like another six months down the road, if we are still living at the mercy of these unconstitutional laws and those who enforce them.

If you’d like to help us continue to provide legal counsel for the Canadians who are reaching out to us before and during their detainment at these hotels, please donate what you can at

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