Is Alberta the central zone for freedom fighting? Latest updates on the carbon tax protest

Last night on The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Rebel News Reporter Angelica Toy, who covered the ongoing carbon tax protest on Highway 1 and shared her observations.

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Sheila Gunn Reid interviewed Rebel's Angelica Toy about the ongoing carbon tax protest on Highway 1, west of Calgary, Alberta.

"Who's making up the protests? Are we seeing familiar faces down there or is it all new people?" Sheila asked.

"It was to my surprise that there actually weren't that many people that you'd see in the regular Calgary rallies," responded Angelica. "So there are a lot of new face."

Sheila was surprised by the influx of new participants, given the familiarity of regular protesters, especially in light of previous anti-lockdown demonstrations.

Angelica agreed, highlighting the enthusiasm of newcomers in the movement against Trudeau's policies. She also recounted speaking with someone from out of town who mentioned the lack of activism in BC compared to Alberta.

"It makes me happy that people know if you're going to stand up to tyranny, the best place to do it is in Alberta," Sheila said.

"And it makes me sad that BC, a province that is being absolutely crushed by green policies and the cost of living, that there isn't much of a resistance there. That makes me very, very sad," she added.

Angelica agreed with Sheila, acknowledging that in the Kelowna area and the Okanagan region, there is some resistance, but it's still insufficient. She emphasized that Alberta has become the central zone for the fight for freedom.

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