Today marks 10 days of an ongoing carbon tax protest west of Calgary

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A handful of protesters on Highway 1, near the junction of Highway 22, have settled in for the long haul.

They've brought their trucks and their trailers and their supplies, Freedom Convoy style, in an attempt to have their voices heard.

They're being crushed by Trudeau's inflationary carbon tax, the way so many Canadians are. On April 1st, the same day federal MPs gave themselves an $8,500 a year raise, Canadians saw the liberals green tax, which accumulates every step along the supply chain, jump from $65 per tonne to $85.

It's like some sick joke. And Canadians were the butt of it.

Rebel News reporter Angelica Toy has been covering the protest on Highway 1 since it started on the first of the month. She joins the show tonight to tell us what she saw at the peaceful demonstration.

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