Israel will not win war against Hamas: Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly

'There are only losers,' in the conflict, Joly told a Radio-Canada program, where she also praised a UN organization which had staff members credibly accused of participating in the Oct. 7 terror attack against Israel.

Israel will not win war against Hamas: Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly
The Canadian Press / Justin Tang
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Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly revealed during her appearance on Sunday's installment of Radio-Canada's Tout le Monde en Parle that Israel would not be victorious in its war against Hamas.

Joly stated there would be no winners in the conflict, and that the way out of the conflict was for the war to end and violence to cease.

"There are only losers," Joly stated, before being asked if there was a way out of the conflict. "Yes, I think there is a way out, but the war needs to stop."

Joly would go on to praise UNRWA during the same interview. UNRWA funding was suspended in January due to warranted suspicions that UNRWA staff were involved in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

That funding was restored last month.

The question arose after host Guy Lepage showed a video of Joly in a conflict with a citizen confronting her, calling for Canada to lift the cap on the number of Palestinian refugees. Joly then found it appropriate to attempt to grab the person's phone, to which he responded, "you can't take my phone like that," and told her to "let go of my coat."

"I agree with you," she would later say to the man, who would go on to post the video across social media.

Joly's controversial statement on Tout le Monde en Parle also comes after a March meeting with Israel Katz, Israel's minister of foreign affairs.

During that meeting, Joly "reiterated Canada's long-standing position that Israel has the right to exist and defend itself in accordance with international law," a release from Global Affairs Canada states, where she would also condemn Hamas.

Joly expressed deep concern over reports of sexual violence committed by Hamas, though she would make no mention of Justin Trudeau's previous spewing of Hamas propaganda, where the prime minister accused Israel of killing babies.

Joly had also previously implied — without reason — that Israel was responsible for a hospital bombing.

"Bombing a hospital is an unthinkable act, and there is no doubt that doing so is absolutely illegal," Joly said.

"Even in times of crisis, there are principles. Even in times of war, there are rules. Palestinians and Israeli civilians are equal, and both must be protected," she added.

During the segment, Joly also stated that through the fog of war, one thing that Canadians could be certain of was that Israeli strikes killed a Canadian.

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