Jagmeet Singh seen parading an 'inexpensive' $300 Versace tote bag

Fed-up Canadians took to social media to call out the hypocrisy of the NDP leader, pointing out his opulent lifestyle and referring to him as a 'champagne socialist.'

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Last Saturday, I shared a photo on X (formerly Twitter) showing a Versace-wielding federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh parading in front of the Sheraton hotel in downtown Toronto.

A wave of criticism erupted in response to this flagrant display of opulence, sparking discussion across various social media platforms. This occurred against the backdrop of Canada grappling with a progressively deteriorating economic landscape.

The National Post picked the photo up on Monday, which they incorrectly sourced.

The original post sparked a self-described “King of Sample Sales” to send a message on social media. “Lol,” he writes. “He bought that bag for $299 at my warehouse sale last week. It’s made for outlets only and it’s not expensive.”

At a time when Canadians are lining up in record numbers at food banks and struggling to feed their children, pay their bills, and afford basic necessities, certainly, $300 dollar for a tote seems like a luxurious extravagance from a taxpayer-funded salary.

This individual continues, noting that the Singh family “comes to all of my sales,” before accusing the sharing of this photo as being fake news.

It seems like Socialist Singh is the only fake here, with his purported support for social justice ventures, yet making purchases from a luxury fashion brand with countless workers' rights and ethics violations.

Versace was under fire in 2011 for using manual sandblasting techniques on their jeans, a process that was highly dangerous and even deadly to workers. The company faced a lawsuit in 2016 after a fired employee accused Versace of unfair business policies including a “secret code” for black customers.

Versace was ranked among the least transparent brands for workers' rights by Fashion Revolution in 2018 and, as recently as 2021, was listed as a brand connected to Uyghur forced labour.

The #ForcedLabourFashionReportCard gave Versace a giant fail for not committing to ending Uyghur forced labour.

In addition to all of this, Versace’s parent company, Capri Holdings, is accused of further unethical supply supply chain practices and disregarding workers rights infractions in China.

Amidst all of this, the NDP posted to X:

Life is harder for you because Trudeau's out-of-touch Liberals have delayed taking action to protect their rich friends. Jagmeet and New Democrats understand the struggles Canadians are facing. That's why we're fighting for homes you can afford.

Yet his party is responsible for the continued propping up of the Liberals through their unofficial fringe minority party coalition.

While Socialist Singh peddles the dangers of wealth accumulation for the top 1%, his actions show he is the one accumulating wealth at the top.

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