J.K. Rowling 'incredibly courageous' for fighting hate speech laws: Scottish MP

Alba Party leader and Scottish MP Neale Hanvey tells Ezra Levant how 'important' it is that public figures like J.K. Rowling throw their support behind ordinary citizens who are facing censorship from the government.

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Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling is one of the most prominent, outspoken critics of hate speech laws. In Scotland, Rowling has brought international attention to the nation's new censorship legislation.

Shocking numbers from the Daily Mail reveal how since the law's passing, officers have been inundated with more than 8,000 complaints — the equivalent of one new grievance being filed every two minutes.

Alba Party leader and Scottish MP Neale Hanvey joined Tuesday night's edition of The Ezra Levant Show to shed more light on the problems caused by this law, and the important role Rowling is playing by pushing back.

Praising Rowling in her fight against radical gender ideology, Hanvey told Ezra how like the Harry Potter author, he's going to keep fighting for free speech:

She's really called out the chilling effect, she's made it quite clear that she will stand with anyone who is targeted by the gender ideology mob. Queer theory, I call them queer theory extremists, they are one strand of the critical social justice movement, which is an inversion of everything they purport to stand for.

I think it's incredibly important that people like J.K. Rowling row in behind ordinary citizens, and I certainly have made it very clear that I will not be silenced.

I will not be stopped [from] speaking up about child safeguarding, speaking up about women's rights and the protection of LGBT people's sex-based rights, which have been brought into this so-called LGBTQI-etc. movement without any sort of consideration about whether we want to participate in this nonsense or not. 

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