Journalist attacked by Antifa thugs bravely fights back in court

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra covered the story of Andy Ngo, an independent journalist who suffered an assault from Antifa.

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On yesterdays episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra covered the story of a journalist who suffered an assault at the hands of Antifa. Andy Ngo is standing his ground by taking legal action against the group.

This lawsuit signifies a significant development in the continuous conflict between Antifa and those who oppose their actions.

Despite its beauty, the Pacific Northwest, particularly Portland, Oregon, is not without its political struggles.

These stem from the city's progressive government that has chosen to defund its police, subsequently allowing unrest to take hold in the streets.

Among those causing chaos is Antifa, a militant group claiming to fight against fascism but ironically embodying many fascist characteristics themselves.

Known for their violence, these groups typically carry out the political will of their supporting parties through intimidation and direct action. Notably, the police rarely interfere, possibly due to defunding and a focus on controlling "regular" crime.

This has led to a perception that they are instructed to avoid confronting Antifa, leaving the city's streets to the mercy of this violent gang.

The tensions in Portland escalate as the city grapples with a substantial homeless population, leading to widespread drug use and petty crime. Amid this backdrop, independent reporter Andy Ngo, an immigrant from Vietnam and progressive by many measures, was singled out and attacked by Antifa for exposing their violent tendencies.

His attempt to document Antifa's activities drew their ire, leading to a mob chasing him through Portland's downtown streets.

Despite seeking refuge in nearby hotels, he received little assistance, as many establishments were reluctant to involve themselves in the conflict.

Fortunately, Andy's harrowing testimony in court was supplemented by closed-circuit television footage of the attack. Several Antifa members, who unmasked themselves during the assault, were identified and named in the lawsuit.

The evidence was further strengthened by the group's hubris, as they openly boasted about the attack on social media, providing a form of self-incriminating evidence.

Ultimately, Andy was forced to flee the city and seek refuge abroad due to ongoing threats from Antifa. His private civil action against the group has been hailed as a brave move, given the authorities' apparent reluctance to intervene.

As this case proceeds, we are reminded of the important role journalists play in holding power to account, even when that power is wielded by groups like Antifa who embody the very fascism they claim to oppose.

This is a free episode of The Ezra Levant Show, which aired on Thursday, August 03, 2023.
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