Journalist Tommy Robinson stands trial after attending protest against antisemitism

Robinson was arrested, pepper sprayed, and banned from London by police in November after attending a pro-Israel demonstration.

Journalist Tommy Robinson stands trial after attending protest against antisemitism
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Journalist Tommy Robinson faces trial today in the Westminster Magistrates' Court after he was arrested while attending a protest against antisemitism in London last November.

While discussing his arrest with Rebel News, Robinson explained, "I was having a breakfast in London. I went to report on an antisemitism rally — it was the biggest one the country's ever seen."

"I don't get hostility from that crowd, I get friendship from that crowd. I'm a supporter of Israel. I went there and I come under attack by police. Police come in and said I needed to leave London, leave the city," he said.

"I then wasn't given a chance to leave. As I left the cafe I was manhandled and in the end I was assaulted. I was pepper-sprayed from point blank range whilst already handcuffed," he added.

Rebel News Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid is on the ground in London and providing live updates on the proceedings today. 

The police are claiming that Robinson refused to leave the protest when issued a dispersal order by law enforcement after a protest organizer informed police he didn't want Robinson present.

As Sheila notes, Robinson was attending the protest as a journalist.

Sheila pointed out the selective enforcement of the law with regards to pro-Hamas demonstrators being free to shout antisemitic slogans while Robinson was arrested.

One officer involved in Robinson's arrest was reportedly concerned about the presence of a "right-wing group" at the demonstration.

Despite peacefully attending the demonstration, police claimed his mere presence could cause "harassment and distress."

Sheila confirms that Robinson was handcuffed before being pepper-sprayed in the face.

As Robinson's trial continues today in London, doubts surround the legitimacy of the dispersal order issued by law enforcement.

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