EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau's pricey 2016 going away party for Joe Biden

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Trudeau has congratulated the self-acclaimed, media appointed president-elect, Joe Biden. 

But the well-wishes might be premature, with allegations of voter fraud and ballot tabulation irregularities coming out of the woodwork — the outcome of the American presidential election could be tied up in legal challenges for weeks to come.

Trudeau likes Biden.

They are both cognitively challenged liberal men with busy hands, and their years-long friendship has already proved to be quite expensive for Canadian taxpayers. 

Even after Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in 2016, Trudeau still hosted an expensive meeting — a state visit — with Joe Biden that served no purpose other than to solidify the personal relationship between the two men.

According to 2017 expense documents exclusive to Rebel News, the 2016 hand-shaking event came at an enormous cost.

$62,593 in hospitality charges. $3,800 in separate charges for liquor. $10,236 in limo rentals.

Oh, and another $11,500 in 'undefined' charges to the Cross Group. 

The event total came in at over $88,200!

It was a going-away party for Sleepy Joe and a slight one of many  to then President-Elect Donald Trump. A January 2017 order paper question from Colin Carrie, Conservative MP for Oshawa, asked the Liberal government to disclose the treaties, deals or, agreements reached, or even discussed, during the visit from Biden.

There were none:

The Prime Minister was pleased to host Vice-President Biden in Ottawa in December 2016. The Prime Minister used the opportunity to discuss issues of importance to both Canada and the United States. Canada has no greater friend and ally than the United States. Our deep people-to-people ties and strong integrated economies provide the basis for our prosperous partnership. Canadians and Americans face many of the same challenges and we are all better off when we tackle these issues together.

If Biden does officially steal the election, expect more parties for Trudeau’s friends in Washington with your money. 

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