Justin Trudeau is sneaking more legal firearms onto his ban list

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Justin Trudeau is sneakily adding even more lawful firearms to his list of 1500 arbitrarily banned guns.

The list includes popular long guns and shotguns legally purchased and owned by lawful Canadian gun owners for decades.

At Rebel News, we have been fighting back against this gun grab. You can sign our petition, and see our coverage at HandsOffOurGuns.ca

I mean how could we not fight back? This bizarrely curated Liberal list bans a .22 and a tiny .410 bird gun for some reason – I suspect because it kind of looks cool – even though .410s are the first shotgun-of-choice for eight-year-old girls.

Because there are truly two Canada’s, Laurentia – that is to say Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal – and the rest of us, it’s fallen on the western provinces to act as the real conservative, pro-property rights opposition to this attack on the most lawful segment of the Canadian population.

Conservative premiers are now doing real tangible things to protect us from Trudeau and his tyrannical scapegoating of us for the gang violence problems happening under the watchful eye of the progressive mayor and council in Toronto.

On June 16, Alberta’s Conservative government passed Government Motion 20, with absolutely no support from the urban-socialist NDP party. Bold strategy given the Liberals were obliterated on the prairies in last fall's federal election.

Anyway, here is the extremely reasonable text of the motion, brought forward by Alberta Parks and Environment minister Jason Nixon, an actual conservationist who uses the land:

“Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly (a) recognize that the criminal use of firearms primarily involves unlicensed individuals, often using illegally smuggled firearms; (b) express its opposition to the Government of Canada’s recent decision to amend regulations to the Criminal Code to prohibit the possession, transportation and sale of certain types of legally-acquired firearms by licensed, law-abiding citizens; and (c) urge the Government of Alberta to take all necessary steps to assert provincial jurisdiction in connection with these matters, including replacing the Chief Firearms Officer having jurisdiction for Alberta as designated by the federal Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness with a chief firearms officer for Alberta designated by the Government of Alberta in accordance with the Firearms Act (Canada).”

WATCH as I tell you what other conservative politicians in the west are doing to protect your gun rights.

To sign that petition fighting Trudeau’s theft of your firearms, and to see our coverage of just how clueless the ban of these guns really is, be sure to visit HandsOffOurGuns.ca.

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