UPDATE: Stop the Carbon Tax Petition DROP OFF!

We have record unemployment in this country. Free and law-abiding Canadians are living under a form of house arrest. But instead of alleviating our suffering — by providing some form of tax relief — the Liberals twisted the knife by adding a 50 per cent hike on our carbon tax.

So that’s why we started our petition at StopTheCarbonTax.com

In less than three weeks, we rounded up nearly 19,000 signatures from outraged Canadians who want Trudeau to stop this subhuman attack on Canadian families. 

I went to Staples in beautiful Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, the closest actual town to where I live, to print this petition before heading to the local Canada Post outlet to send it to Trudeau via registered mail.

I’d like to thank everyone who signed our petition.

I was exceptionally proud to see all of those names of people who are fighting to tell Trudeau to stop draining our pockets when they are already dry.