The Liberals have their Chinese Communist Party infiltrators, but what about the Conservatives?

Conservative Senator Victor Oh is defending the Chinese Communist Party in the midst of Justin Trudeau's Foreign Election Interference scandal. Pierre Poilievre has to kick Victor Oh out of the Conservative Party.

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For months, we’ve had devastating revelations of the depths of the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Canadian politics.

The corruption is throughout the Liberal Party. It’s not just Liberal MPs like Han Dong and Liberal Senators like Yuen Pau Woo.

It goes all the way up to the Trudeau family themselves — Justin Trudeau’s brother Alexandre Trudeau personally accepted a six-figure cheque from the Chinese government to the Trudeau foundation.

Absolute corruption, and it goes straight to the top.

The whole country — including the normally Liberal-friendly media — have been appalled by Trudeau’s corruption. And they’re gross attempts to cover it up — first by hiring a close family friend David Johnston to cover it up only to learn that Johnston himself was utterly compromised by China.

There have been some really awful moments — like when this Liberal MP tried to attack a journalist for reporting on the corruption:

So, so gross. Trudeau is even worse, of course, his security advisor says her top priority is hunting down the whistleblower who leaked the news about the Chinese spying.

She’s not too concerned about the Chinese corruption itself — it’s the guys who told the media about it they want to get.

The Conservative Party has done well on the issue, but here’s the thing, The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t just target the Liberals — It targets Conservatives, too.

About a dozen years ago, a Conservative MP named Bob Dechert had an affair with a Chinese spy, who was working for the state broadcaster, Xinhua.

But get a load of this guy, a Conservative Senator named Victor Oh. Sen. Victor Oh says Chinese Canadians need to fundraise to sue "messy reporters".

A Canadian senator said he wants Chinese Canadians to set up a national foundation that would focus on raising money to fund lawsuits against “messy reporters” and politicians who “try to smear” the community.

Super gross, right? Well, here's one more sentence:

“A video of Conservative Sen. Victor Oh making the remarks was uploaded to the social media platform WeChat on June 5, showing him addressing a group at what was described as the Montreal Chinese Community United Centre. The Canadian Press obtained the video, which showed Oh saying in Mandarin that 'we need to raise money to cover costs for (people affected) by all of these unreasonable reporters' who try to smear Chinese and discredit Chinese.”

Did you catch that part? Not the part about hunting reporters who uncover Chinese Communist Party influence. The part about him being a Conservative, as in, he sits in Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party. In good standing.

Why? For months, Poilievre himself has been pounding away at Trudeau, and his crooked family, and his corrupt MPs and Senators.

Poilievre was brilliant at going after David Johnston, hired by Trudeau to handle the cover-up.

Poilievre was in synch with the spirit of the times — Canadians are sick of selling out to China, especially politicians and businesses who do so.

And yet this whole time, a pro-Chinese Communist Party Senator is on his team.

Now, Senators are appointed. Unless he’s convicted of a serious crime, he’ll be there till he turns 75, which is actually next year. Poilievre didn’t appoint Senator Oh — Stephen Harper did that, for whatever reason.

But Poilievre controls who’s in his caucus, and who’s in his party.

How can Poilievre mock David Johnston, and Han Dong, and the rest of the CCP assets by smile and shake Victor Oh’s hand and be fine with all the things he’s said — and his plans to sue reporters?

How bizarre, a sitting Senator threatening to silence reporters — that’s very CCP of him, isn’t it?

But look, the thing about being a Conservative is you have to have standards and you have to follow them yourself. Liberals make a virtue out of hypocrisy; Liberals break their own rules all the time — it’s part of the Liberal identity.

But Conservatives have to stand for something and you can’t criticize Justin Trudeau on Monday and David Johnston on Tuesday and Han Dong on Wednesday and Yuen Pau Woo on Thursday, but then shake hands with Senator Victor Oh on Friday. You just can’t.Pierre Poilievre has to kick Victor Oh out of the Conservative Party.

I know that means the Conservatives won’t have his vote in the Senate. But they’re massively outnumbered there anyways — they lose every vote every time already, so it’s not like it makes a difference. But what makes a difference is that Poilievre has to show he doesn’t stand for the kind of bullying and corruption that Victor Oh has come to represent.

If you agree with him, that Victor Oh has got to go, please go to my petition at

We’ll personally deliver it to the Conservative Party. They simply have to kick out Victor Oh. As a signal that they mean what they say about CCP interference. And as a signal to the many Chinese Canadians who have been bullied by the Chinese dictatorship, even here in Canada, that not everyone is compromised, not everyone has been bought off.

Let Justin Trudeau woo the Chinese Communist Party vote. And it is significant, to be sure, but let Pierre Poilievre be the party of Chinese democracy activists and Hong Kong and Tibet and Uyghur freedom activists.

And more importantly, the party of Canadians, regardless of race or ethnicity, who stand up to bullies, both foreign and domestic. Go to Just because Liberals are hypocrites, doesn’t mean we should be, too.

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